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Health-checks to identify savings

Typically we will look at all aspects of a company's international business, to identify:

  • opportunities for saving money in respect of reduced duty payments
  • cash flow improvements through postponed duty payments
  • improved processes to comply with customs import and export legislation and procedures

We can carry out a health-check to advise of any potential issues and help put them right before they become problems.


Compliance reviews

Many importers pay the wrong amount of duty because they do not realise that they are doing something incorrectly. This may be because they leave all matters relating to the importation of goods to their freight forwarders or something has changed in respect of either the goods imported or the customs law which has not been noticed. The ‘head in the sand’ syndrome can be costly.



It is important to get the documentation right when importing or exporting to prevent any delays at the port or any queries on post import verification checks. Compliance with procedures is at the top of HMRC’s priorities – after the collection of tax of course. Customs law is very unforgiving of even the most genuine of errors so import and export documentation must be completed correctly.


We can check that the documentation you are receiving or issuing is correct and ensure that you/your customers will not incur delays in customs clearance or on any HMRC post transaction audits.



We can provide you with a direct customs helpline service bespoke to your specific company requirements.



We can supply a range of bespoke seminars and training courses on all aspects of customs and international trade.